Rigid Signs

Draw attention and make a statement for your business with a professional, attractive sign. Ideal for trade shows, events, presentations and retail displays.

  • Variety of materials, finishes and accessories to choose from

Double sided printing is available for this productCustom sizes are available for this productThis product is printed with UV stable inks

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Unlaminated Signs: 48" x 96" *
Matte/Gloss Laminated Signs: 54" Short Side
Crystal Laminated Signs: 48" Short Side

*Any rigid sign larger than 36" x 48" will be subject to FedEx oversize fees or may need to ship via freight.


50pt Board: 1mm thick pressed duplex board with a matte finish on both sides, 50pt Board is also 100% recycled and recyclable for a Green signage solution.

Foamcore: 3/16” thick, paper-faced foam board that is tough but lightweight. Great for temporary signage.

Gatorboard: Durable, inflexible and lightweight, Gatorboard has a styrofoam core with tough, moisture-proof, matte paper on both sides. Available in two thicknesses: 3/6” and 1/2”

Coroplast: Otherwise known as “plastic cardboard”, Coroplast is a corrugated plastic sheet that is great for short-term, outdoor signage up to 6 months. Available in two thicknesses: 4mm and 10mm

Sintra: Foamed PVC sheet with a matte finish and a lifespan of 2+ years in direct sunlight. Available in three thicknesses: 1mm, 3mm, and 6mm

Omega-Bond®: High density Polyethylene with solid aluminum panels on both sides. 3mm thick. Omega-Bond® is ultra durable and heavy – ideal for long-term, outdoor signage such as trail signs and kiosks.

White Gatorboard

Both sides white with a white core

White-Black-Black Gatorboard

One side white, the other side black with a black core

Is your sign single-sided or double-sided?

  • Available on prints up to 54" on one side
  • Applied with heat to both sides of your print
  • Matte and Gloss Laminate available on Matte/Gloss Paper, Foamcore, or Gatorboard ONLY
  • Crystal Laminate is a heavy material with a textured surface that makes colors pop but reduces glare; available on Gatorboard ONLY

Available for Sintra, Gatorboard, and
Omega-Bond® ONLY

Drill holes for bolts are 3/8" in diameter and are drilled 1.25" from the edge of the sign. Important text and/graphics should be at least 1.5" away from the edge to avoid running into drill holes.

NOTICE: If text or graphics are to close to drill holes, MegaPrint will resize your artwork accordingly to clear those areas.

Holes – Top & Bottom

Call Don't Fall Ceiling Tiles Style 1

Holes – Left & Right

Call Don't Fall Ceiling Tiles Style 1

Holes – 4 Corners

Call Don't Fall Ceiling Tiles Style 1

Holes – All Around
(Evenly Spaced)

Call Don't Fall Ceiling Tiles Style 1

Weather resistant, protective topcoat that provides UV protection, seals out water, helps prevent signs from chipping and is washable.

Makes signs up to 36" x 48" self-standing.

¼" Velcro® strips are applied to the back of graphics to hang displays.

Metal clips with eyelets that attach to the back of Foamcore or Gatorboard so prints can be hung up.

Plastic trim that protects the edges of 3/16" Foamcore and 3/16" Gatorboard. Available in black only.

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Estimated Total :$ 50.00
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