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Transform any space with customized wallpaper and wall murals that are stylish and vibrant.

  • Print your own high resolution images
  • Variety of wallpaper finishes and textures to choose from
  • Printed high-resolution at 720dpi
  • Full color and vibrant UV Inks
  • 2 week standard turnaround

Printed on 52"W panels with 1" overlap between panels (please see Custom Size Help in Price Estimator for more details)

This product is a permanent installationThere are no maximum sizes for this product This product is washable with warm soapy water This product is printed with UV stable inks

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Price Estimator

Width x Height (Inch)

Wallpaper is printed in panels measuring 52" wide plus a 1" overlap. The length of the panels can be as long as you need them to be, fitting walls of any size or shape.

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All wallpaper materials are 20oz, fade-resistant and washable with warm, soapy water. Professional installation recommended.

Canvas Wallpaper: Rough, woven texture with a matte finish. Commonly used for wall murals and fine art applications.

canvas wallpaper

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Luster Wallpaper: Smooth, untextured material with a semi-gloss finish. Colors print rich, sharp and vibrant for a dramatic appearance. Also great for black and white graphics.

canvas wallpaper

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Matte Wallpaper: Flat, lightly-textured material with a matte finish. Like on Luster Wallpaper, colors print rich, sharp and vibrant for a dramatic appearance. Ideal for high resolution photography or detailed designs.

canvas wallpaper

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Suede Wallpaper: Lightly-textured, durable material with a matte finish, Suede Wallpaper is a great general-use option. Forgiving with low-resolution images or less-than-perfect walls.

canvas wallpaper

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Your wallpaper is printed in 52" wide panels plus a 1" overlap and shipped on a 54" wide roll.  If you have known wall heights, cut marks will be printed on the roll for you to cut your panels to length. 

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If you prefer panels narrower than 53", or would like your wallpaper pre-cut into panels, select "Yes" to this option.

Proofs include a copy of your full artwork scaled down on a 9" x 14" swatch of wallpaper material, plus a 9"x 14" sample of your artwork at actual print size.

illustration of wallpaper proofs

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