Lamp Post Banners

Also known as: Street Banners, Light Pole Banners

Most commonly used on main roads in cities and on campuses, outdoor Lamp Post Banners feature strong durability and stunning graphics to catch the attention of passersby. Pole Banners are a small way to make a big impression.

  • 3-5 year life
  • True double-sided (artwork is directly printed on each side of material)
  • Printed high-resolution at 720dpi
  • Full color and vibrant UV Inks
  • 3-5 day standard turnaround

Double sided printing is available for this product This product can be used outdoorsThis product is printed with UV stable inks

Size Reference

Maximize the visual impact of your Lamp Post Banners by choosing an appropriate size banner:

size reference illustration for lamp post banners

Click image to view larger

Letter Visibility

To maximize the visibility and impact of your banner, your message needs to be highly legible from a distance. Letters should be large to be readable from far away.

Letter Visibility Calculator

Enter the height of one of your letters.

The calculator will tell you the best and maximum viewing distance of your text.

Letter Height


Best Visibility


Max Distance


NOTE: The thickness of your letters should be taken into consideration as well.

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